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International Mother Language Day 2020 – Utshob Group

February 21, the International Mother Language Day is the day of agonizing and glorious remembrance of the movement that has been marked on the pages of history. We are the only nation on earth that gave life for the mother tongue. The UN declares 21st February as International Mother Language Day at the Paris Session of UNESCO, held on 17 November 1999. Since the announcement, the day has been celebrating with due dignity throughout the world.

The Bangla language movement, which took place on this day in 1952, was a cultural and political movement in the then East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). The movement around the Bengali language for the protection of fundamental rights exposed the mass demand of the people of East Pakistan. Although, this language-based protests began earlier in November-December of 1947 in Dhaka, the capital of East Bengal. And there was a short movement on March 1948. It reached the peak on February 21, 1952.

That morning of 21 February, the students of Dhaka University disobeyed the section 144 and came out on the roads when the police opened fire on them. In it, Abul Barkat, Abdul Jabbar, Abdus Salam and many others sacrificed their lives.

As long as the history of the Bangladesh and its language is there, whole world will humbly remember the sacrifice of these great language soldiers. Utshob Group is also celebrating the spirit of International Mother Language Day and honoring the heroic struggle and sacrifice of our martyrs.

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