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14th December, Martyred Intellectuals Day


Martyred Intellectuals Day is celebrated in Bangladesh on December 14th to commemorate the intellectuals killed by Pakistani troops.

As the war drew to a close, a final attempt was made to kill as many intellectuals as possible in order to eliminate the future leaders of the new nation of Bangladesh. On December 14, 1971, more than 200 Bangladeshi intellectuals, including professors, journalists, doctors, artists, engineers and writers, were abducted from their homes in Dhaka by al-Badr militias and the Pakistani army. The victims included the famous writer Shahidullah Kaiser and the playwright Munir Chowdhury. They were blindfolded and sent to torture chambers in Mirpur, Mohammadpur, Nakhalpara, Rajarbag and other places in different parts of the city. They were later executed en masse, especially in Rayerbazar and Mirpur. In memory of tortured intellectuals, December 14 is celebrated in Bangladesh as Shahid Buddhijibi Dibosh, or Day of the tortured intellectuals.

Reason behind the killing

Since the day Pakistan was founded, the rulers of West Pakistan have discriminated against East Pakistani citizens and deprived them of civil and political rights. Discrimination is obvious in all disciplines, and attacks on language and culture are direct. As a result, the dissatisfaction and anger in the hearts of Bangladeshis turned to political and cultural protests, and these movements were led by intellectuals from all walks of life in society. They encourage and sow nationalist ideas in the heart of Bangladeshi people through social and cultural activities. As a result of the cultural movement, the people of East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) gradually realized their rights, which turned the movement to political protest.

Day announcement

In 1971, day after day, the Pakistani army killed intellectuals. The highest number of planned assassinations was on December 14. The first Prime Minister of Bangladesh Tajuddin Ahmed declared this day as ‘Martyred Intellectuals Day’.

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